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Adele Shotton-Pugh | Posted
If you have been reading our feature on going continental and decided to turn your backs on a style that that sounds too expensive to achieve then just wait a moment! True - the majority of traditional looks for the home do look expensive with their extravagant furniture (such as four poster beds) and beautiful chandeliers. However, we are pulling the tricks out of our sleeves and letting you in on some great advice for continental decorating on a budget. Together we can turn your homes around and give them a glamorous look without leaving you to count the pennies.
  • First and foremost, you will have to put a little time and effort in - perhaps being the early bird to catch the worm. Auction sales, antique shops, reclamation yards, your weekend second-hand market and curtain fabrics online are all good places to get a bargain - just make sure you have an eye for detail. Don't be put off if you see nothing first time around either - be patient and you will get your rewards! Everything from continental style furniture to décor pieces such as mirrors or picture frames can be found when you are willing to dig deep.
  • There is one décor piece that is essentially traditional - the chandelier. Chandeliers can make any room look glamorous and stylish and they don't have to cost the earth. Again, look for second hand pieces over new and you can always give them a pick-me-up if they need it. Many contemporary designers have taken the chandelier and given it a modern look by using bold colours on the arms and you could try this too if you wanted to be a little unique with your approach to continental decorating. If you don't want to opt for a chandelier then look for table lamps UK to give ambient lighting effects to the room.
  • Another décor piece that can give your home a continental look with the blink of an eye is a mirror. Like the chandelier, they have a functional use too and will reflect light into your interiors. Hang them on a feature wall - above a period fireplace would look fantastic. Choose ornate frames in metallics or classic white/black. If you can, try to place some candlesticks in front that compliment the mirror and give a nice ambiance to the room come evening.
  • Oriental rugs are yet another possibility to get a glamorous look at home. Nobody has to know that yours cost under fifty pounds! You can always get an oriental rug made from synthetic fibres and it will look just as good as the real thing. Full of class and traditional character, an oriental rug will bring warmth to the home especially when chosen with deep reds on a cream background.
  • Furthermore, cheap bedding sets with a traditional floral pattern or embroidered detail will also help you to achieve the look on a budget. Choose classic white bedding or feminine pastels with the floral pattern to get the look.

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