To create a Tuscan inspired interior you will need to think along the lines of beautiful blue skies, fields of sunflowers, dark green Cyprus trees, olive green, lavender and rust reds of the colour of the earth in this part of Italy. Don't forget the wonderful wines from the region which offer beautiful deep reds!

Décor is also influenced by neighbouring regions and Italian interior design elements which include wall murals and other decorative painting techniques. Ceilings are typically painted with cloud motifs and cherubs in grander homes, whilst Tuscan farmhouse styles are far plainer and less exuberant. Stencilled borders remain in-vogue which are usually tendrils of vines and bunches of luscious grapes.

Terracotta is predominant and are a great starting point to getting the colour scheme right. Tuscan style makes full use of outdoor and natural elements, rooms are spacious and quite often windows are left undressed. When window dressings are used they are light sheer fabrics such as voile curtains or lightweight linen look fabrics which are hung from a wrought iron metal curtain pole.

Floors are hard surfaces, tiles or bricks and sometimes wood. Exposed beams are an important feature in Tuscan farmhouses, accessories include wooden pieces, often carved from olive wood along with terracotta pots and urns. Mosaics are also seen on floor and wall murals made from pieces of terracotta or marble. The most commonly seen fabrics are silk, linen, brocades, damasks and two tone patterns. Tuscan furniture styles can also be eclectic by including hand-painted pieces and richly veneered finishes.

Rich reds accented with gold and complimented with Cobalt blues are often used in bedrooms. As it isn't all year hot in Tuscany bedding, throws and bedspreads play a large part of determining the colours used. Opt for bedding sets which have subtle embellishments and embroidery on natural fabrics in earthy colour tones. Soft and gentle fabrics are used to keep rooms cool in the summer months along with mosquito nets so that people can sleep with their windows open to capture any gentle breezes. Tuscan homes are warm and friendly places with focus on family and friends being a fundamental part of Tuscan lifestyles. Use the correct colour shades, fabrics and materials which are typical of the region and you can transform your house into a wonderful Tuscan inspired home, which radiates the warm and hospitality which is synonymous with the region of Tuscany.

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