Interior design is strongly influenced by Moroccan décor. Vivid blues, tropical greens and rustic oranges are combined with earthy, spicy colours. One of this year's hot trends is metallic finishes which fits in beautifully with Moroccan inspired interiors. Eclectic mixes of colours abound in Moroccan interiors, they are not shy about bringing a wealth of colours into the same room. Red teamed with yellow offers a natural warmth to a room and whilst in the UK we have a tendency to paint our ceilings white Moroccan influences have rich earthy browns which are highly decorated. Painting ceilings a dark colour is not wholly conducive to English interiors as we try and maximise as much natural light as possible to brighten our rooms; using dark colours on ceilings is a good idea if you have high ceilings which you want to bring down the height, use a gloss finish to enable light to be reflected off the surface and bounce down into the room. As this year the trend for comfort is foremost in creating stunning bedrooms lavish a wide range of natural fabrics, silks and taffeta which give a soft sheen and shimmer are the ideal choice. Keep the colours within the same shade ranges to achieve a look of balance. Fabrics which are soft to touch and sensual to the eye are the perfect choices for Moroccan inspired bedrooms. Opt for voile curtains or lined voile curtains hung from a metal curtain pole or large diameter wooden curtain poles which has beautiful ornate finials are also within keeping for this style of interior. Single taffeta tab top panels which are embroidered will also add further textures to the room and can be used as a functional curtain or as a decorative wall hanging. Luxury bedding sets with metallic embellishments and a variation of fabrics which include faux silk and soft velvet are perfect. Keep the colours vivid not neon and yet earthy to enrich the look of the room. Soft lighting is also a key feature, opt for bedside table lamps which have complimentary coloured ceramic bases, keep the bulb wattage low so that beautiful shadows are cast across the bed and onto the walls. One of the huge advantages of a Moroccan inspired bedroom is the possibility of having a wide range of different textures and colours for soft furnishings; this style does not call for pristine whites , the key to successfully achieving this style is to keep your colours rich and earthy with no matching of curtains to bedding. If you like everything in your bedroom to match, this may not be the best global influenced style to choose! Image: Alkemie

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