The Japanese palettes of deep earthy tones are one of this year's hottest interior design trends. They fit very neatly into the eco-awareness and environmentally friendly décors which are also at the top of design trends for 2010. Traditional Japanese colour schemes typically use glossy black which copies the rich black lacquered wood furniture associated with Japan. The age-old interior design trick to include black in every room to help ground the décor remains a fundamental factor in achieving successful interiors. Red is also seen in Japanese décor which compliment the earthy neutral tones. A mix of minimalism and naturalism is essential if you wish to emulate a true style of Japan. We are all used to seeing what we associate with Japanese homes, however these are typically traditionally styled homes, today along with many other countries modern Japanese homes are not dissimilar to our own modern and contemporary interiors. Again, maybe stereotypically, we also conjure up thoughts of Japanese bedrooms with bamboo siding doors, paper walls, a bed laid directly onto the floor and little else in the room. This minimalism approach is seeing a revival in many styles of homes, with the back to nature approach being at the forefront of many contemporary interior design styles. So how do you achieve this type of style into homes in different countries whilst still keeping some of the furniture and furnishings which we have all become accustomed to? The old trick of including glossy black can easily be added to any room simply by using cheap Venetian blinds. The latest designs include gloss black and these provide a minimalistic window dressing which suits all styles of homes. Adding a touch of red can be used within the curtains or bedding sets. Look for duvet sets which have an oriental flower design. By having a black headboard and painting the wall behind the headboard red and you have instantaneously added many aspects of Japanese interior design style which are up to date. Don't forget the finishing touches such as red or glossy black vases with an orchid flower, or orchid plant in a wooden planter or ceramic container, wooden floors and furniture, along with keeping your bedroom completely clutter free to create a modern twist to an age-old beautiful, yet functional Japanese theme to your home.