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Give your neighbours something to think about this halloween

Give your neighbours something to think about this Halloween other than the bog-standard cut out pumpkin faces which, let's be honest, are becoming a touch boring to say the least. Your neighbours may think they know you, but if you pull out all the stops with your outside decorations they may just begin to see you in a different light! A door knocker that looks like a hand holding an apple


Tempt trick or treaters into your home with these alluring hands holding an apple – you could remind them the perils that befell Snow White and watch the colour drain from their faces. A Halloween decoration that looks like a man has come off his bike, and his head has gone through a tree


if you're sick to death of trick or treaters tell them that people who want a trick will be pushed through a tree trunk! A circle of white ghosts on a front lawn

Digs Digs

Ring-o-roses doesn't look quite as friendly after dark. The outside of a house, looking at windows and glass door to see orange curtains and silhouettes of witches, skeletons and demons


Silhouettes in windows makes a welcome change to pumpkins. A front garden covered in cobwebs, plastic spiders and a bat is hanging from string from a tree


Go OTT had give the outside of your house a makeover with a giant cobweb, complete with enormous spiders and vampire bat. A spooky front door lit in purple, with pumpkins containing lit candles


Okay, so these are pumpkin faces but you have to admit the light effects on this house are awesome. 2D bat cutouts hanging from a autumnal tree


A colony of bats hanging from a large tree will look spooky at nightfall, especially if the wind is blowing. Front porch covered in cobwebs and large plastic spiders


Giant tarantula on the porch are a great way to keep trick or treaters away! A trail of small lit pumpkins in the wood, and a ghost in the distance

Simplified Bee

A spook going for a night-time stroll will send shivers up your spine. A scary scarecrow with a pumpkin head

Follow Pics

An ingenious take of the pumpkin head is a real night-time terror.

Add a touch of fun to Halloween with inflatable friendly ghosts. Plastic hands reaching out of a murky bog

KNB Coaches

Make your neighbours think that someone or thing is trying to claw their way out of your pond – they'll definitely see you in a different light!

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