Give your home the vintage feel 7: in the living room

The vintage style of decorating is fast becoming a very popular way of decorating rooms in the house, none more than perhaps the living room. The vintage style is a very eclectic and easy way of decorating your living room. It brings together antique fabrics with the use of collectables and other antique items that bring about a sense of the past to your room.

This vintage style of decorating can be applied to any house or home, it doesn't matter if you have a modern apartment or a home in the country, by mixing old and new together, you will be able to create a vintage style that will say something about you and your personality. You will want to incorporate the original features that are present in your living room into your overall design. If you're lucky enough to have an original and old fireplace in living room, not only can you make this a focal point and it can be behind the inspiration for what you do with the rest of room.

For example, you will be able to get furnishings and other antique items that blend in and complement the fireplace. No doubt the reason you’re decorating your living room with the vintage theme, is that you want it to speak of a bygone era and that you want to decorate it with antiques whether they are real or replicas. We all know that it is not possible to take something that is new and made into an antique overnight, but it is possible to make an item that looks like it came from the past. If you just think for a moment is possible to get an antique phone that actually does work, this will add a nice touch to your living room.

You may also think about getting designer rugs that are in a design and have a pattern of a time gone by. So, you can see that with a little bit of imagination and tenacity you will be able to combine elements that were common place in the specific era, of the time you are interested in bringing about. These days it is possible to get all kinds of wallpaper and this includes wallpapers that were being used in the Victorian era, you can even incorporate a special pattern one that is particularly reflective of the era you like in the wallpaper. For that special effect the pattern of your wallpaper could be reflected in the patterns on your rugs or pencil pleat curtains, let’s say for example something that would have common in the 1800s.

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