Give your home the vintage feel 6: in the dining room

The dining room is perhaps the most important room in your home it's the place where you come together to eat and to discuss the day’s events. It's also the place where you may do a lot of entertaining, so it is important that when you come to decorate that it gives a feel that is warm and welcoming. If you're on a budget you might want to consider a vintage style theme.

This style of decorating or redesigning is becoming ever more popular these days, possibly because it's an inexpensive way of cheering up any room and giving it a new look. When you think about your dining room the most important thing in the room if the table, an actual vintage table can be expensive, it is quite possible that table you have can be dressed to make it appear in a vintage style.

For instance you could use a vintage style tablecloth that comes from the era of your choosing, compliment that with serviettes that are in the same style, you also may be able to get hold of some cutlery that is in the vintage style, when it comes to serving plates and other crockery there are many places that you can look for plates that have the style you require.

You also need to think about the colour scheme that you are going to have in the dining room. One idea is to make a combination between a retro colour and perhaps the colour that is your modern day favourite. You could perhaps try using an avocado green and contrast that with off white or perhaps light beige, with a light tomato red. It is really up to your imagination, remember paint always freshens up a room and gives it a touch of your personality so choose your colours wisely!

You will also want to consider other things in the room such as your windows, as they are responsible for letting the light into your room and as such have an important role to play in how your room will look. You might decide to useready made curtains, or cheap Roman blinds. It's also possible to get ready made curtains uk that have a pattern that will go with the vintage styling that you are doing to your dining room.

If you're thinking along the lines of a vintage mood for your room, you might like to keep in mind that wallpaper in the past was very popular. You should also place a rug under the table with a design and colour which reflects the vintage era you're replicating.

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