Give Your Home the Vintage Feel 5: In the Bedroom

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Posted

If you're thinking about a theme that you would like to create in your bedroom, then perhaps you might like to think of a vintage inspired bedroom. Creating this theme will give the room a touch of romance and will also invoke a kind of sentimental value. The possibilities are endless, maybe you have some cherished items that were given to you by your grandparents, well, now is the time to pull them out of loft and then utilise them and begin creating that vintage style.

To keep the look of your bedroom clean and welcoming, you might like to pair up antique items, they will add colour to the room, and bring in a certain style. If you're not in possession of vintage items, then all you have to do is to keep an eye out for authentic appearing replicas, or you could make some decorations using your own hands.

Create the room according to the vintage style that you like, this will have the effect of the room actually reflecting your personality and character. When you come to paint your bedroom you might like to consider vintage inspired pastel shades. Some of the colours you might like to think about could be a pastel blue or a lavender, or how about buttercup yellow. If you want to take it one stage further and you want your walls to have a design, you could think about hanging wallpaper printed in damask styling and buy wholesale fabric in damask to make your own matching curtains.

There is something that you can do that will really add to the vintage feel and that is to get an antique a bed frame made from wrought iron, preferably in white as this will really make a statement in your bedroom. The other types of bed that will go well with a vintage look are an older version of a four-poster bed and hang some lace from it, to give a real vintage look. Or perhaps even go for a wooden canopy bed, which again you could dress with lace or tab top voilebedroom curtains, and give it that romantic feel to it.

Whatever type of bed you decide to go for you can make the most of it by using vintage fabrics and patterns. A patchwork duvet cover with a floral design in different colours will really enhance your vintage style bedroom, along with pretty rugs either side of the bed.

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