Give your home the vintage feel 4: in the kitchen

Basically if you're thinking of remodelling your with a vintage style then there is no really correct way or wrong way. Depending on what sort of style you're going to go for and what sort of time era that you are going to choose gives you the flexibility to make your kitchen quite unique. Maybe you are after a 1960s look or even a time before that, whatever era you choose from will no doubt reflect some of your personality and character.

Once you have decided on the era that you want your kitchen to look like then it's time to do a lot of research. Take some time to go on the Internet and find photographs and images of kitchens of previous eras. You may even get some interior design ideas by looking through old magazines. You will do well to pick out an era that will actually complement the kitchen that you have now. But perhaps your home can actually make your mind up for you, maybe it is that at present you live in the home that was built in the 1970s and in turn this might actually give you the idea to remodel kitchen in the 1970s vintage style.

You also have to make a list of what is going to stay with the present kitchen that you have, for example just because you want a vintage kitchen does not mean to say you can do it without the modern appliances that you have now! Maybe there are some nice touches that you want to keep, for example those kitchen blinds that you have hanging in your kitchen windows or your kitchen rug. In fact if you are going after a 70s look for your kitchen, you may well decide that ready made blinds actually are 'in keeping' with a 70s era look.

You will find that you will be able to add those little accessories that will give your kitchen the vintage look, if you visit car boot sales and flea markets you quite possibly will be able to pick certain items that will blend in with your vintage kitchen. Shop for wholesale fabric online with a vintage pattern and use to make chair-slips or curtains. If you take your time to use your imagination you will find many ways to add things that will bring about the overall effect that you're trying to achieve.

Maybe hang some art work that was very popular at the time, but remember if you're choosing an era like the 70s it is wise to keep away from anything that was particular 'tacky' at that time!

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