Give your home the vintage feel 3: in the entrance hall

When it comes to decorating your home very last place that is actually decorated is normally the hallway, it is a fact that was most people spend time and money decorating other rooms in the home, the entrance hall is normally overlooked. The entrance hall is the opening to your house and the way it is decorated will say something not only about you but your home as well.

Perhaps the reason entrance halls are overlooked is that they are small and narrow and for the most part they do not allow for any real design or creativity. But you should keep in mind that normally this is the first part of your house that guests will see, so therefore it is very important to create a welcoming and warm space that will reflect the way you have designed and decorated the rest of the house.

With a little imagination and keeping some basic tips in mind you will be able to design something that is visually pleasing and the space that you do have is put to good use. When it comes to choosing the right type of colour for your walls in the entrance hall, it is best to start using a neutral tone, something that is very light and airy. If you do however want to use a darker colour it is best to use this towards the far end of the hallway, as this will result in a very interesting contrast with the lighter colours you have used at the front.

If your walls are in good condition you might like to think about using a high gloss paint, the reason for this is that the gloss paint will reflect light and that can have the effect of making it your hallway seemed larger. If your entrance hallway and the hallway itself has a hardwood floor, then by the simple addition of a patterned rug it can make all the difference and in the entrance itself you might like to think to put down some anti slip matting, especially if you have wood or tiled flooring.

If you have hallway that is long and narrow it might be an idea to lay down a runner that goes the entire length of your hall to create a vintage feel an Indian rug would be a perfect way to intimate that you've been to far away lands – just like the Victorians who loved to 'show off' their overseas adventures!

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