Give your home the vintage feel 2: in the guest room

If you are thinking of decorating your guest room or spare room perhaps you're looking for a theme or maybe you just want to create a mood that is calm and welcoming but at the same time functional. There is a very popular trend at the moment to decorating bedrooms with a vintage style of décor; bedrooms decorated in this style often invoke a sense of romance and return to a by-gone era of simple elegance.

First decide which is the main wall in the bedroom, maybe it's the wall behind the bed? This wall should be painted with a bright colour which is of a modern tone; you might like to think of a colour like that of a greyish blue or perhaps an apple green. When you're considering the different colours that you might use it's wise to keep in mind the actual vintage items you're going to place in the room and how the colour of the wall will act as a backdrop to any item placed against it.

As a general rule it's wise to keep way from bold colours, as bold colours can distract from other accessories and soft furnishings in the room. Coordinate luxury bedding with your main colour or rather than trying to find colours to match white bedding with embroidery or lace trimmings encapsulate the vintage feel. When it comes to furniture you'll probably want to mix and match, get some furniture with simple clean looking lines and some other furniture that clearly has a reference towards a more vintage feel.

For example the actual bed itself may be a modern bed, but by placing a pair of vintage bedside table lamps UK at the sides will go a long way to a vintage feel. You could also see if you can find an older vintage desk that you can place in the room. Overall whilst you want the room to have a vintage feel about it at the same time you need to keep it simple as well, because if you have too many items it will make the room appear cluttered.

So, if for example if you have a hardwood floor in the room a couple of cheap rugs strategically placed will do the trick. You could also, on one of these rugs, place a full length mirror, and a full length mirror that has a frame with a vintage style about it.

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