Mirrors are a hugely effective component in an interior designer’s bag of tricks. They come in a huge range of sizes, shapes and prices ranges and can be used to achieve impossible feats such as adding space without moving walls, adding light without adding windows or making task areas much more functional. Many people use mirrors in place of art, and in fact, strategically hung mirrors can take on the look of an artistic collection, adding beauty and style to any room in your house. Try out some of the tips and tricks below to make use of the amazing effect mirrors can have on your rooms

Draw attention to a room’s best features- For example, by placing a large mirror above a fireplace, not only is the room is automatically opened up but the fireplace instantly becomes even more of a feature. Large mirrors can be the focus of one particular wall, reflecting the furniture and accessories nearby.

Focus on the light- Using their reflective qualities, mirrors can enhance the airiness of a room, casting accents in specific areas by reflecting particular pieces within that room, such as beautiful furniture, plants, and decorative accessories. Mirrors can also brighten a dark corner or an entire room. Placing table lamps so that they reflect off the mirror casting light into the far corners of an otherwise dim room can also create a feeling of openness and light. This also works by strategically placing mirrors so that they reflect natural light from windows.

Keep things in proportion- Placing mirrors between small and inproportionate windows can give the illusion of a larger window, opening up the wall and creating the feeling of a more spacious room.

Create a floating effect- installing strip lighting behind a mirror will make it look like it is floating when the light is turned on. For a funky and contemporary feel, why use coloured bulbs?

Divide a large space- Purchasing a mirrored room divider, and dividing specific areas of a room or placing the screen in one corner can create the feeling of two rooms instead of one.

Open up shelves and cabinets- Place mirrors at the back of shelves and cabinets. This is great for covering up ugly walls or paint jobs. Mirrored cabinets can really bring in to focus that beautiful china, pottery, or glassware that you want to show off

Create a classy backsplash- Use mirrors in place of tiles and stainless steel to create a backsplash in the kitchen or bathroom (though remember that the reflective qualities of the mirrored surface will mean a little extra cleaning will be required).

Create a cheap nautical theme- Circular mirrors placed in rows will create the look of port holes from a ship- adding a splash of blue to the walls will further the look. A nautical themed room is perfect for those wanting a fresh and tidy look for their rooms.

Pick up some mirrored furniture- Lots of furniture can now be bought with a mirrored surface. The most popular furniture types include mirror lamps, dining tables, chairs and bedroom cabinets and the reflective qualities of such items makes them brilliant for smaller spaces.

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