Get up & go outdoors

The beginning of June and, in theory, the weather should start turning warmer! Make the most of the June and the rest of summer by creating your own outdoor living space. There's plenty of ideas and they don't all have to cost a small fortune. Just prepare yourself a tranquil space, from a city rooftop to a traditional country cottage garden; a place to recharge your batteries or have fun with family and friends. The most important thing this month, Great Outdoors Month, is to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors. Red, Yellow And Pink Flowers In Bottles Hanging Inside A Gazebo


Creating a fun picnic table doesn't have to be expensive – after all as long as there's food and good company that's all that really matters. Two Metal Planters Siting On A Small Balcony


Don't give the excuse that you don't have a garden, even the smallest of balconies can be transformed into a living space to be proud of. A Round Seating Area In A Garden, Covered In Cushions And Seatpads

Patios Depot

Fill your garden with a rainbow of colours to make summer last even longer. Multi-coloured cushions in block colours create a fabulous modern look. Cream And Pink Floral Tablecloth On A Patio Table


Fancy something a little more vintage? There's plenty of tables of two in wrought iron and you'll always find pretty floral fabrics to make tablecloths, napkins and cushions. Curved Suspended Chair With Pink Cushion In The Garden

Top Dreamer

Go contemporary with a swinging hammock designed for one – a great way to get some well earned R&R. Pink Armchair In The Garden Covered By A Parasol

Amber Polk

Take a trip down memory lane and turn your garden into a room outside – complete with its own entrance door. Small Wooden Building With Balcony, Overlooking Grass, Tress And A Large Hill


If you like living on the edge you'll love this living space that's perched on a rock – just be careful you don't take a step too far. Garden Swimming Pool With Basketball Hoop And Four Deckchairs Facing TV Screen Playing Lord Of The Rings


What luxury outdoor living area would be complete without a pool and an enormous widescreen television – ideal for World Cup viewing? Classy Outdoor Bathtub And Shower Surrounded By Trees And Woodland

Homes DIR

Take the whole outdoor living concept to the limits by having your bathroom outside as well. You'd just have to live in a very private place to have this luxury. Elliptical Rocking Bed With Orange Bedding, In The Middle Of A Field


Sleep under the stars or take a siesta on this luxury outdoor bed. The circular style frame will rock you gently to sleep. Funky Garden With Outdoor Large Chess Set, Seating Area And Everything Is Lit In Orange Mood Lighting

Home Designing

Make use of a city rooftop by giving it a unique identity that's piled as high as the building with luxury outdoor living accessories and furniture. Funky Blue Beach Hut Shed, Decorated With Bunting and A Plant Pot

Living Colour Style

Repaint your garden shed and make it as pretty as a picture at the end of your garden – rather than filling it with the usual junk dedicate it to becoming a quiet place to escape the rain showers!

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