Get Personal with Beautiful Handmade Wallpaper

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Posted

Over the last few years we have seen somewhat of a renaissance in wallpaper and interior design style. Gone are the overwhelming and dated designs of the seventies and in place are clean, modern and innovative wallpaper styles. However striking the geometric and contemporary designs of recent years are there is still an unattainable, unique and charming sense of style and character created when opting for handmade wallpaper. From plain styles to intricate Chinese inspired silk paper the choice and variety of designs make this option an individual and sensuous choice for both the traditional and contemporary home.

The beauty of purchasing a hand made product is that you know that this item is truly original to you. Shop around the various wallpaper suppliers to find a manufacturer who produces a style to suit your tastes. Consider vivid abstract designs, monochromatic sketch style drawings, hand painted organic vertical stripes or, for those bold characters, a complete painted scene. When making your decision be sure to consider this wallpaper choice as you would any other design based judgment.

For small rooms keep the wall covering light and bright to maximise space perhaps constraining the use of print to one or two feature walls. For larger properties your choice is much more varied. For a soft and warming glow, ideal for living rooms or bedrooms, choose a botanical design or traditional and delicate pattern. To retain the wow factor, do not use the wallpaper on all walls within the room and instead team with contrasting yet complementary plain painted surfaces. Similarly, continue the handmade rustic style with textured fabrics such as Hessian, leather and wool for your curtains, upholstery and cushions. This will help enhance the tactile properties of the paper and increase the sense of comfort and sumptuousness in the room.

Alongside this, research in to the various methods of producing hand made paper to find a manufacturer that can subtly pay homage to the heritage of your property. For example, if you live in a renovated urban factory, why not opt for a design that is silkscreen printed or for a more traditional and grand property; choose an opulent hand painted design.

Finally, for the daring and creative among us why not consider making some paper yourself. Depending on your style and tastes you could create or buy a stamp and use this repetitively over a plain roll of paper in a colour of your choice. Or, if you have the space, why not have some fun and create an abstract design by flicking paint randomly over the paper.

This can look really effective especially if done in a subtle, neutral and even metallic shade. For the talented amongst us, search through sample wallpaper books and have a go at copying the expensive and high fashion designs for a small fraction of the cost. Even it is goes wrong, cut out the best bits from within your roll and frame them in an array of different sized frames to create an interesting and novel design point.


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