Get passionate about the environment

Get passionate about the environment as today is Greenpeace Day. Make a difference by trying to remember to turn off lights and not to throw litter in the streets – if everyone was to do their 'bit' it would make a huge difference. I've found some inspirational ideas for you to think about and possibly action in your home. A row of light bulbs with a lit energy efficient bulb in the middle

Somerset Care and Repair

We know that soon the standard light-bulb won't be available, so switch to using energy saving ones now to start making a difference. Solar panels on a cottage, with orange flowers in front of the camera

Hallmark Southwest

Fitting solar panels is another way you can help to improve your carbon footprint. Wooden floored living room with cream sofa


If you're thinking of having wooden flooring ensure that the wood has been sourced from sustainable forests that are also managed correctly. Dark wooden floor with white corner sofa


If you're going for wood flooring you could also go down the reclaimed route. Natural wood floors and white walls and ceiling, with white furniture too

Snuut Design

Natural lambs wool rugs are ideal natural resources, just be careful that the rug hasn't used 100s of air miles getting to you. A stack of striped cushions in the corner of the room

HG Living Beautifully

Try and use soft furnishings which are made with natural products such as pure cotton and linens.

Save electricity on a regular basis by using candles instead. A terracotta pot with a lid placed in the garden

Popular Mechanics

If you haven't already got a water butt then you really should think of ways of harvesting and saving rainwater to water your garden rather than using tap water. Illustration of eco-friendly under water heating system


Geothermal heating is another way of turning your home into being eco-friendly.

Once considered too dirty, dusty and time consuming log burners are back on-trend as they're a great way of helping to lower your fuel bills. Small bay window on a peach coloured house


Just because you have sash windows doesn't mean you can't have double glazed versions which are in-keeping with the style of your home. Cream and beige living room with ceiling fan and large leafy plant on the left


Think about your interior as well as your exterior. Opt for green furnishings and soft furnishings whenever you can.

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