Get colour confident in your kitchen

Because the kitchen is the most used room in a house, it is important your décor is not only attractive but versatile and hard wearing too. Heavy traffic means white shag pile carpets are definitely out and splashes from crock-pots and pans mean white tiles should also be avoided.

However, just because your kitchen has to be functional, does not mean it has to be boring. You can still get colour confident in your kitchen and give the heart of your home the makeover it deserves. Blue is generally seen as a cold colour, however, there are many different hues of blue and when used correctly a blue colour palette can add a cool and calm touch to your kitchen.

This type of palette is best suited to stainless steel kitchen items, as the blue and silver complement each other nicely. Wooden cabinets, preferably a light wood colour, will also fit in with this colour scheme. Add frosty blue glass light shades and slightly darker blue blinds on your windows. Paint the walls of your kitchen a subtle blue and add stylish dark blue splash backs.

These will add a bold colour to your kitchen and prevent spills and splashes from decorating your walls. If you have a breakfast bar or island, consider painting the body of it with blue cabinet paint, to match the light fittings and other accents. This may not be a bold colour scheme but loud does not mean confidence. Having the confidence to use a variety of hues will encourage you to get colour confident. If you prefer a more sophisticated look in your kitchen, than olive green and deep purple may well be the colour scheme for you.

Paint your walls in a light olive green and your kitchen ceiling a rich purple colour. To avoid making the room appear small, mix your light green paint with white or cream and paint your windows and door-frames. Add hints of purple to your kitchen by adding soft furnishings such as window blinds, cheap curtains, purple accessories and wall art. Those all-important splash backs should be purple too. Light brown cabinets would work well with this colour scheme, although you could consider painting white cabinets a light olive green or purple. This confident colour palette is ideal for people who want a stylish kitchen they can show off to friends! There's lots of interior design ideas for kitchen online, so if you want to build your colour confidence take a look at what other are doing in their kitchens.

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