Get colour confident in your home office

It is hard to get excited about decorating a room you associate with work. However, whether your home office is designed for keeping on top of the household finances or is a work-from-home space, it is important this room is comfortable.

Cold and clinical will not inspire you to finish that tax return or meet that all-important deadline, which is why colour confidence in your home office is so important. Taking a risk with a colour scheme you may not have chosen ordinarily, could well leave you looking forward to work. In order to inspire productivity, your home office will require organization and efficiency. Therefore, your office should be comfortable, well lit and have plenty of storage. You will need to mix cosy with professional to achieve the perfect office space.

Light brown, pumpkin orange and classic cream is a stylish colour combination for your office. Cover your office walls in a bold pumpkin orange, breaking up the colour with a cream ceiling and skirting. A light brown wooden floor teamed with patterned window blinds or Velux blinds at the windows will complement the orange and give the room a clean feel. Wooden, wall-mounted shelves holding photographs and knick-knacks will bring home comforts into your workspace, without losing the 'office' feel. Shelving also prevents clutter on desktops or cabinets.

An armoire (wardrobe) for your important documents will look better than an ugly grey filing cabinet but if that is all you have, try giving it a splash of colour with your orange paint. Lighting is important, so do not worry about going over the top with lamps and wall lights. Choose orange centrepiece lighting, as this will complement your cream ceiling and lamps with orange shades and wooden bases will look great on desk and tabletops. If you want your office to be bold and beautiful, you cannot go wrong with navy blue and hues of red.

Light red walls, with a complimentary dark red ceiling will make the perfect canvas for splashes of dark blue. Large rugs in blue, window blinds and light shades will give your office space a professional look without looking cold. If you are treating yourself to new office furniture, look for a desk and chair that has casters. This means you can move your desk in front of the window throughout the summer and to a warmer part of the office as winter sets in. Inspirational wall art is another way to help keep your mind focused on work.

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