Get colour confident in your hallway

Everyone knows how important it is to make a good first impression, which is why your hallway is probably the most significant area of your home. As well as welcoming you and your family home after a busy day, your hallway greets everyone from the deliveryman to your closest friends. Therefore, your hallway should not only be pleasant and inviting, it should reflect the overall personality of your home and family.

Generally, hallways do not get a lot of sun because of the way they are positioned, so it is important you do not make it look dark and poky by going too rich with your colour scheme. Remember, your colour confidence is reflected in your ability to mix and match colours that may not seem like a perfect match. Yellow naturally emanates warmth, therefore sunny yellow walls coupled with a cream ceiling and skirting will give the illusion of brightness. Add pink, mint green and lilac accents to really bring the outside into your home.

A pink light-shade, mint green photo frames and lilac accessories will add just enough hues to ensure your hallway stays classic and light, rather than busy and over the top. If your hallway is small or an awkward shape, you will need to bear this in mind when decorating it. Dark colours, such as browns or black, will make the hallway seem smaller and dark. Whites may seem boring, but with the right accents, they can add space and light into even the smallest of areas. Paint your walls crisp white, with a solid light green border. If you are lucky enough to have a window space in your hallway, paint the frame and sills white and add pale green window blinds.

A light pine wooden floor will also make the room feel airy, although you should avoid light-coloured carpet in this high traffic area. White walls with chocolate brown carpeting or large rugs will still give the illusion of space and your carpet will not wear out under the stampede of your family's feet. Getting colour confident with your hallway is a guaranteed way to make visitors to your home see the real you. If you fancy mocha-coloured walls and bold red skirting, use swatches and look for interior design ideas online to see how the two colours go together.

As long as you make sure the majority of space is decorated with light colours, you cannot really go wrong with this important piece of space. If your hallway is small, keep furniture to a minimum, so as not to fill the much-needed space with clutter. A simple end table for the phone and a set of silver coat hooks, should be more than enough to keep your hallway looking neat and organised.

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