Get colour confident in your dining room

You may not think your dining room is important, after all, it is not like you spend a great deal of time in there. However, it is one of the most important rooms in the house as far as building relationships goes. Whether you use your dining room for family meals, gatherings with friends, romantic meals with your significant other or a mixture of the three, it is important your dining room is versatile and can adapt easily to any mood.

Therefore, do not resign your dining room to plain old magnolia, get colour confident and make it a room you want to spend time in. Cream tones and mocha create a classy, warm look, which is perfect for a dining room. Try painting your walls a warm coffee colour and accent with classic cream furnishings, such as curtains and tablecloths.

Dark wood furniture will really complement this classic colour palette. If you want to add a bold touch to your mocha and cream, you cannot go wrong with gold. The only rule with gold, is to not overdo it, there is a fine line between classic and festive and you do not want your dining room looking like it is ready for Christmas the whole year round! Instead, look for cream-coloured curtains with gold flecks or add gold-coloured photo frames to your mantelpiece or a gold centre piece to your dining room table.

A gold and cream light shade will add a stylish finishing touch. Red is a very popular colour and there are lots of interior design ideas featuring red at the moment; but you should approach with caution when decorating a dining room this colour. Red and white will make your dining room feel open and inspiring, although take care to have an even mixture of the two colours. Try crisp white walls, with a red accent wall and large rugs.

If you have a fireplace, the wall that holds this will be an ideal accent wall, as it will already attract the eye as you enter the room. Plain walls are ideal for displaying wall art with red or gold highlights. The best part of decorating your dining room is you get to show off a little. A red tablecloth and white napkins will give an air of elegance. A pretty chandelier with a dimmer switch means you can change the mood of your dining room in the turn of a switch.

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