Get colour confident in your bedroom

Your bedroom is your sanctuary, a room associated with rest, relaxation and intimacy. If you are desperate to get colour confident, there is no better room to start than in your bedroom. This is the one place you can let your creative juices flow and let your personality shine through in the décor. After the kitchen, the bedroom is the second most-used room in a house, so it needs to be somewhere you want to spend time.

Red is a passionate colour however, when used as the sole colour in a bedroom it can leave it feeling dark and uninspiring. Red and an assortment of browns are an attractive combination for a bedroom as they inspire passion and warmth, as well as personality. Choose a light coffee-colour for your walls, if you go too dark you will lose the sense of space in your room. A deep cherry-coloured wooden floor would be ideal for this colour scheme but a chocolate-coloured carpet will complement it just as well.

Red duvet cover sets and other red accents, such as bed throws, a rug, lamp and light shade will offer a bold touch to the browns. If you are feeling extra brave, paint three walls in a light brown colour and one wall red. If you are not quite ready to go bold on your walls, painting the ceiling red will have the same effect in a less obvious way. If you have any soft furnishings in your bedroom, such as a chair or sofa, add a brown throw to it and top with large red throw cushions. If your furnishings do not really fit the colour scheme you have in mind, do not decorate your room around your furniture. You can add the colour you desire using bedding, cushion covers and bed throws.

You can update your fixtures to fit in with your bedroom's new colour scheme by adding colour to mirror frames and lamp bases. You can even paint pieces of furniture, wooden tables and chairs can be completely revamped with just a lick of paint. It also means you will not have a bright green chair ruining your new, passionate red and brown colour scheme. The key to this colour scheme is getting the balance just right, too much red will make your bedroom feel small and too much dark brown will make it too dark. Keep dark colours for accents, such as the floor and furnishings and use the light brown colours on walls and doors to give the room the feeling of more space.

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