Get colour confident in your bathroom

We like to big it up for bathrooms, as the bathroom is one of the most neglected rooms in a house, with other rooms taking priority when it comes to a re-vamp. This is a shame because a bathroom has so much more to offer than functionality. In fact, with the right colour scheme, fixtures and fittings you can transform your bathroom into your own private retreat no matter the size.

White is the traditional colour for a bathroom, while this may seem like a safe option it actually gives a feeling of space in what is usually the smallest room in the house. Crisp white walls will complement the white bath and toilet, as well as show off the sparkle of the stainless steel fittings. In a white bathroom, you can save your colour confidence for the accessories that will give your bathroom its own personality.

Pops of colour using towels will allow you to add vibrancy without overdoing the look. Bright red and yellow towels and a rich red pull down window blinds will look extra colourful on a white background. Add coloured apothecary glass containers to shelves for a classic way to store small items, as well as add colour to your bathroom. If you want something a little different and really fancy giving into your inner colour confidence, swanky black tiles against white fixtures and fittings will give make your bathroom a talking point among house guests.

The secret to a black bathroom is plenty of light. Use small spotlights around a mirror over the sink and use white window blinds ( or Velux skylight blinds if your bathroom has a sloping ceiling) for privacy without shutting out the light. Tiles are a 'must have' if you do want to go black, as the shine of the tile will reflect the lights. This uber, confident look is brave and you should only really consider it if your bathroom is a good size.

A small bathroom can still look stylish but you risk making it looking poky if you do not get the look right. If you fancy a spa you can take advantage of at home, try mixing mocha cream and a delicate chocolate brown paint on your walls. Wicker baskets for storing towels and other bathroom accessories will add authenticity to your au-naturale look. Dark brown photo frames or wall art will add depth to your bathroom and give the whole natural look a confident feel.

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