Wimbledon starts this week, to mark the occasion rather than tennis themes I'm going to take game, set & match into the world of interior design; offering inspirational ideas for your home!   Game: Games rooms are a great way to indulge in the comfort of your own home. From luxury golf simulators to awesome pinball machines and amazing snooker tables, there's an array of fabulous home games.   Sony-Golf-Simulator

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Stern-Iron-Man-Vault-Pro-Pinball-Machine_9e1df95c-9a75-43e4-b1ea-279cb97f10b6NJ Game Rooms



  Set: Sets of furniture, dinner services, cutlery and bedding – you'll be surprised how many sets you have in your home! SONY DSC

GP Sneaker




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  Match: Match your soft furnishings and décor to create an interior that's cohesive and balanced. Don't go overboard or you'll create a disaster that's painful to look at!   matching-colors-wall-decor-home-furnishings-16  

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