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Collage of childrens playhouses in a garden

Summer has finally arrived and sure enough it’s certainly taken long enough to get here, with the amazing warm weather and school summer holidays coming up there would be nothing more exciting for the kids than to have their very own play house at the bottom of the garden. It’s a sure fire way to keep your kids entertained and preoccupied during the long summer break and with the huge variety of contemporary and imaginatively designed playhouses to be inspired by you’ll certainly be spoiled for choice on where you should start. A pink country house playhouse

Source: Shabby Ideas

Any little girl would surely dream of having her very own little vintage cottage hidden amongst a mix of wild shrubbery and flowers deep within a mystical forest. Though you may not live in the middle the woods this miniature wooden wendy house is sure to add character and whimsical charm to your back yard. Once your bedding flowers are in bloom the pastel pink shades of a house like this are sure to draw anyone’s appeal and certainly that of any little girl.

The white scallop edge trimmings truly define its unique shape and design, whilst lastly the intricately cut open heart top window give this little hideaway the perfect girly finished touch. Rustic cottage playhouse

Source: Lillie Style

A pirate ship garden playhouse

Source: Houzz

Now not forgetting the boy’s with a secret play house such as this they will soon be sailing the waves of the Caribbean like Captain Jack Sparrow himself on the lookout for cursed treasure. This boy’s secret base is sure to be a project and a half to put together but would most definitely be worth it in the long run.

Whilst the wooden crates, barrels, jolly roger and mast scream’s pirate the climbing frame attached to the side of the shed area to this ship house is sure to get any energetic little boy confident and climbing , creating imaginary adventures all of their own.

A beach style playhouse with grass on the roof

Source: Pinterest

Raised platform tree house playhouse

Source: Kidsomania

Hobbit style semi circle playhouse with grass on the roof

Source: Pinterest

If you and your kids are quite the Tolkien fans then this play house is sure to appeal. Though the shire maybe in a mythical land of elves and orc’s in another world many miles away, it’s a pretty cool idea to create a miniature hobbit’s hut hidden away at the bottom of the back garden. The tile roofing and planted grass turf used on the sides of the house certainly gives it a really unique, natural woodland type look and feel which with a trick of the eye can also make this little den seem invisible.

Another a good point is surrounding the ground area with bark will make it a much softer and safer place for your children to play making it a great idea to incorporate into your little hobbits play area.

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