Friday Faux Pas Title It’s Friday again and time for another Friday Faux Pas (does anybody else think that they come round really quickly, or is it just me?). Anyway, this week’s offering is aptly titled Where’s the Bathroom Please? 

Friday Faux Pas: Wheres the Bathroom Please?

Well... if you’re in any doubt, follow the multi-storey car park up-ramp, down-ramp, style arrow! Or is it the one that used to jab its way into the opening titles of the golden oldie TV comedy – Dad’s Army? Why would anyone do this to their bathroom, or any other room in the house for that matter?! I am actually struggling to find a theme or even a thread of design logic to this unfortunate bathroom! The overpowering, bright red, geometric stripe, against the bright yellow background seems to serve little purpose other than pointlessly (pardon the pun) wrapping itself around the window to eventually point to... yes, that’s right, the obviously, all important, towel rail. I'm just not getting this ‘ensemble’ at all. The colours are gaudy and look uncomfortable together, despite the fact that red and yellow usually complement each other beautifully, as they live in the same quarter of the colour spectrum; but they don’t seem to be liking each other very much here and the splash of green foliage, I presume included to ‘soften’ the look and add a touch of natural greenery, actually does neither. If you squint your eyes tightly enough and manage to look past the horrendous, block-colour ‘graphics,’ you’ll see that the bathroom and, moreover it’s classic original fixtures, actually has a lot going for it. The suite is, at least, white, so that’s one good point. The room has good height (which would  actually benefit from being brought down a little bit, maybe with some horizontal stripes?), a fairly decent sized window for a bathroom, a good sized  hand basin with a lovely deep profile edge and the best feature of all – the elegant and timeless, free standing, roll-top bath. So how should it be done? Paint striping is an easy and inexpensive technique that can look wonderful. Vertical stripes can give a room height and horizontal stripes can have an expansive effect on relatively narrow looking spaces. Don’t be put off using bold colours together for a strong contrast, but don’t underestimate the subtle effect you can create with similar shades of the same colours. Keep to two shades or tones only though if you’re painting to keep it simple and easier to achieve. If you want multiple tones then consider a striped wallpaper. It’s usually advisable to limit vertical stripes to a single feature wall, or a maximum of two adjoining walls, but judge your room carefully (some rooms will take it all the way round); whereas horizontal stripes, whilst they will work well on a single feature wall, cane effectively be taken across at least two adjoining walls or, all around the room, for an expansive effect. Again, judge your room and the overall finished result. If you’re colour cautious and stripes are too bold a look for you, then keep the suite white and the walls white or pastel (pale to mid greys and taupes look good as a backdrop for white) and add your colour contrast with luxury towels, a coordinating bath mat, a colourful shower curtain or eye catching accessories for impressive, but easily removable, bursts of colour. Here’s a couple of good examples of winning ways with stripes, to give you a little inspiration for the rooms in your home... or should I say, a few ‘pointers’?
Stripes in the bathroom Stripes in a dining room Bold striped wallpaper Vertically Striped wallpaper
As always, stay tuned for another post this time next week, and see what we can learn from the tricky world of Interior Design!

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