Friday Faux Pas Title It is the end of the week again so its time to take another peek into the world of interior design, and this week’s Friday Faux Pas is another pattern overload delight for you! As we mentioned in the Fabric Frenzy post a few weeks ago, putting fabric on walls is a trend which is enjoying a stylish, interiors revival........but not like this! Friday Faux Pas - Wall to Wall Whilst I admit that this image is obviously not ‘recent’ and therefore a little dated in terms of style anyway, it’s still a really goods example of how not to do it! The effect of the continuous us e of this fabric over walls bed and headboard is painfully overpowering and busy. It’s almost impossible to see where the bed ends and the wall begins. The bedside tables are only just discernible and even the lamps (the only redeemable feature of the room ) are hard to define. A glance to the far left of the image also reveals what looks suspiciously like the edge of a curtain – yet again in the same fabric! And what on earth are those diagonal black & white checked borders all about?!  I can’t actually fathom out how or where they are supposed to fit in to the scheme, or what they are supposed to co-ordinate with? Maybe I’m just being really ignorant though and it’s something to do with the method used to fix the fabric to the walls – I can’t think of any other acceptable reason for them to be there? There is just too much same, same, same here. Every interior scheme offers the opportunity to introduce interesting contrasts in colour, texture, style and pattern, but that valuable opportunity has been sadly missed here, to the detriment of what is actually a decent sized room. The space looks cramped and cluttered despite the fact that there is little in there besides the bed and side tables. The dark base colour of the fabric (which I can only describe as deep rust) absorbs most of the light in the room and the remainder is swallowed by the even darker chocolate brown carpet. The fabric, however, is luxuriously textured and has a quilted appearance, so there is a  nod to quality if not style; but there are better ways to achieve sumptuous luxury for a bedroom. As a style accessory, there’s nothing wrong with luxury bed throws, in fact they are enjoying a revival too, but fully fitted ones like this are a little too formal and dated. Bed throws which cover the entire bed and are usually oversized enough to knock up a little on the floor all the way around, are far more fashionable, informal and in vogue at the moment. Quilting is a desirable feature,  as it adds texture, detail and pattern. Plain fabrics with luxurious finishes such as faux silk and taffeta with show this effect off beautifully and empathise with sumptuous luxury, if that’s the look you’re after. This doesn't mean you can’t use patterns on your bed or walls, add any colour and texture that you want by layering up the bed with coloured and textured runners, cushions and pillows, to match or contrast with your colour scheme, just exercise caution and use in moderation to create stylish impact without the pattern overload. I’ll leave you with a few examples of plain, but luxuriously quilted bedspreads, which look classy and stunning as stand alone bed sets, but to which you could easily add any number of colours to create a striking and coordinated scheme with contrasting pops of bright colour. Our bedrooms are where we rest and relax, so why not sleep and wake each day surrounded by luxury and comfort? I know which one I’d rather wake up in!