Friday Faux Pas Title It's that time of the week again, and we have our (Good) Friday Faux Pas, where we take a look at the world of interior design and cast an analytical eye over some of the suspicious styles out there on the internet. This week we have gone for a tropical theme, with this delightful room setting: Friday Faux Pas: Truly TropicalSo, what problem do we have with this room? Well it's the over use of colour and the tropical theme. Obviously, there is nothing wrong with colour but when you have gone for a neutral colour like white, you want to then have splashes of a warm colour about the room. Instead, we have vibrant curtains, bedding, cushions and even furniture all done in the same scheme. It's a bit of a colour over load, to say the least. So what would we do differently? Well, for a start, replace the offending items with a simpler fabric design, something that is warm and welcoming without being overwhelming. With such a wonderfully big back wall, it might be worth painting that to be the focal point of the room, rather than the bedding! Wooden furniture would add a welcoming touch as well, giving a room that is both comfortable and relaxing, which is what you want from a room you're going to sleep in. A bedroom needs to be calming and soothing, not looking like a Magic Eye picture! We'll be back next week for another Friday Faux pas, until then, happy Easter to everyone!

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