Friday Faux Pas Title It’s that time again for another look into the online world of DIY disasters. Welcome to another Friday Faux Pas from Terry’s Fabrics, after scouring the web this image struck us as particularly awful. Friday Faux Pas Orange Green Bathroom What was that old saying? “ and green should never been seen...” Well that may not quite be the saying but in this case it should definitely apply. It may have been cool in the 1970’s to mix an avocado bathroom suite with terracotta patterned tiles and a rust coloured carpet but now a day’s most of the above is a no go area. If the matching sink, toilet, and bath wasn’t enough green for your liking you could always accessorise with green fluffy toilet seat cover, rug and matching towel combo. Orange is a big colour at the moment in fashion and in the world of interiors with it being one of pantones colours for last year along with emerald green this year, both these colours are beautiful in their own right and can look nice together in an otherwise neutral room.  Of course, everything should be done in moderation. Keep an eye out for next week’s Friday Faux Pas.

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