Friday Faux Pas Title On my journey through the electronic highway this week, one image stood out (almost with a cry for help!) from the myriad on offer; and as a result this poor, unfortunate, kitchen is what I bring you as our Friday Faux Pas this week. Friday Faux Pas - Painful Paintwork Normally I try and keep the criticism to a constructive level and in balance too, I usually try and find something positive to say about the image and name at least one item in the scheme that I would save or salvage. Not this week though!  I am struggling to find anything positive at all to say about this. I'm even questioning whether the kitchen ever looked good, even it it’s hayday – if it ever had one? I supposed I could say that the worktop space is relatively generous for the size of the kitchen and the storage space has been maximised on by the wall cupboards extending up to the ceiling, but really and truly I should send the interior design and bad taste police out to the home owning bandit that did this to this kitchen, armed with either a few gallons of paint stripper or a large skip; as I truly think that the kindest thing for this kitchen would be to put it out of it’s misery, rip it out, start again and let it rest in peace in the kitchen graveyard! I mean, we've all heard of ‘shabby chic,’ but there’s nothing chic about this it’s just Shabby with a capital S! Now, I have nothing against painted kitchens, in fact I love them and I am currently considering painting my own. They can look stunning and be a highly effective way of updating tired and dated units with only a moderate investment of time and money. But please, take this as an example of how NOT TO DO IT! Not only is the colour clash painful on the eye but the standard of painting skills and the fact that the painting has been left unfinished is unforgivable. They haven’t even removed simple fixtures like the towel rail before starting to paint and a close look will reveal that nothing has been sanded or prepared either. And how much of a health risk is a painted worktop that is going to get lots of water and food preparation hammer? I shudder to think about that. There are paints available for most surfaces these days as manufacturers are constantly improving their production methods and finding new processes and recipes for suitable coatings for our modern day interiors and materials. Colours as well have had a bit of a renaissance in terms of paint and there is something to suit everyone’s palette, be it bold and brave or subtle and subdued. A lot of painting and decorating firms now offer a professional kitchen painting service, so if you’re no Picasso with a paintbrush then get someone in. You’ll end up with stunning results instead of a phenomenal failure like this one. If you do want to have a go yourself, you’ll find off the peg paints available from most DIY stores, but for a luxurious finish and a fabulous choice of modern and on-trend colours, you won’t go far wrong with Farrow & Ball or Graham & Brown paints. You’ll also find some inspirational images on their sites too. I’ll leave you with some stunning examples of how good a painted kitchen can look, then go and pull myself together, re-focus my eyes and find the courage to go back onto the electronic highway to look for some more interior design disasters to top this one. Wish me luck! .tableimages {height:150px;}

Image source: Farrow & Ball, House to Home, Interior Dreams

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