Friday Faux Pas Title OK, so it’s Friday, I’m looking for some interior design disasters and I come across this! It’s not so much a disaster as just down right ugly. There’s everything you need and would indeed expect to find in a nursery;  a nice big cot, rockable nursing chair, bright colours and....well....err.....that’s just about it really on good features. We all know that child psycologists and interior designers alike know the value of bright primary colours for children’s and babies rooms as they stimulate the limited vision of new babies, struggling to focus in their first few weeks of life, but I think in this nursery blurred vision would actually be a blessing. The yellow is ok, in fact it’s a great nursery colour as it’s sunny and cheerful and suitable for baby girls and boys alike, but after that it all goes a bit wrong. Vinyl floor?! Well, no comment. It might be wipe clean and practical but it’s just wrong in a nursey! Ceiling fan with exposed bulb? – unecessary and again just wrong! The window treatment? – well it looks as though it’s successfuly doing the job of blocking out the light, but it matches nothing and does little to make any feature of the window. It is a small window for the size of the room and would have beneftted from treatments outside the casement to make it look bigger. The mural? – as always I admire and applaud anyone creative and willing enough to have a go at lovingly and artistically personalising their children’s rooms, but know your limitations. This one is badly executed, out of proportion, overpowers the room and seems to stop unnecessarily three quarters of the way across the far wall, which means it neither incorporates nor excludes the window and its inappropriate ‘curtain’ treatment. If you are not good with a paintbrush or much of an illustrator then let a professional or someone a little more gifted than you execute the artwork. You can still take the credit for the idea and the theme, but you’ll have a finished result worthy of the admiration, rather than the disbelief, of all your friends and family; and in to the bargain your little ones won’t have nightmares! Here are a couple of yellow themed nurseries with really well executed fun and funky murals and a couple of really well done tree themes too. In these settings your little ones could sleep soundly, wake up to sunshine, play cheerfully and dream in colour!

Source: Wallstory Murals


Source: Art Ideas

Source: Childrens Mural

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