Friday Faux Pas Title So, it's Friday and the weekend is dangerously close. This can mean one thing, it is time for Terrys Fabrics insight into the world of questionable interior design. So what visual delight do we have in store for you this week? Well this week's Friday Faux Pas focuses on one of the most important but understated items of furniture in the home: the sofa. An item that should be comfortable at all times, but you don't really want to have them as the centre piece of the room. To that end, I give you this:

Royal Blue Settee

To be fair to this room, the styling is nearly there, but the vibrant colouring of the settees is far too over powering for what the rest of the room is trying to achieve. This is why we think it is a case of nearly, but not quite, the room as a whole is giving of a pleasant and warm vibe through out which is completely overwritten by the eye catching blue.

So what changes would we make to such a room? Not a lot. It is a fantastic space with a wonderful mix of colours to create relaxing tones. Those sofas though... they need to go! Replace them with something a little more subtle, perhaps a light beige or maybe a caramel colour would fit in rather nicely.

As a side note, I wouldn't have so many rugs about the room either, but if you absolutely must have that number of rugs on polished wood flooring, you might benefit from our anti slip matting, to avoid any unfortunate accidents.

 Stay tuned for next weeks Friday Faux Pas and more interior design gone wrong

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