Friday Faux Pas Title

It's time for another look into the world of interior design gone wrong and this week we have another blast from the past. Whether it is design styles from yesteryear or just  a failure of fashion, we will be taking a look at what is hot, and what is definitely not!

So where do we start with this living room? Well there is a complete mix match of colours to be had, from the lamp and the chair, to the extremely busy floor. There is a lot going on with this picture, the furniture doesn't fit together with itself or anything else in the room. The overall feeling is one of clutter and stress. A better solution to use such a glorious space as this, would be a more minimalist approach.

Keep the light colouring of the walls but strip away the cluttered furniture to be replaced by a few comfortable chairs to sit and enjoy those books. What can be more relaxing than sitting in a warm room, in a comfortable chair with a good book? Especially if you're next to a nice crackling fire as well. But that is what we would do, how would you handle a room like this?