Friday Faux Pas Title This week’s Friday Faux Pas is a frightful fireplace feature. Although in fairness it’s not the only frightful feature of this poor, unfortunate, room! We’ll overlook the blatantly obvious miss placed pieces of the scheme, such as the bright pink bicycle and the shoes on the hearth, in the hopeful assumption that they have just been left temporarily and are not an intended part of the overall decor scheme? Everything is wrong in here, from the clash of the two miss matched greens on the fireplace wall, to the oversized television, the eclectic or rather jumbled mix of furniture styles, the overwhelming amount of bric-a-brac and clutter and the....dare I say it?.....plastic flowers! OK, so I accept the fact that our homes are our spaces where we are free to be ourselves, express ourselves and surround ourselves with the things that we like and treasure the most, but there are better ways of doing it than this. The main accessories in a room should be kept to three or four main, coordinated, key pieces and any other collections, souvenirs and trinkets should be displayed or grouped together in a dedicated place such as a display cabinet or stylish shelving unit. The TV unit seems to take centre stage in most of our homes these days and they seem to be getting bigger and bigger. This one is bigger than the actual fireplace and causes an uncomfortable imbalance and asymmetry which further adds to the confusion and lack of creative layout in this room. If you want to go big with your television then try and get it off the floor and on to a wall as a well placed and though about feature. If you must have artificial flowers then make them authentic and convincing, high quality, silk ones and go for a group of three or four large, heady, blooms in a statement vase – anything but plastic please! In complete contrast to the overcrowded and fussy fireplace in our image, here’s a state of the art model which incorporates fire and TV in one stylish, streamlined and fuss free unit.

Source: MCZ

This is a concept we’ll see adopted more and more in our interiors and I think you’ll agree is a wonderfully impressive and practical way of combining what most of us consider to be two of the most important and key features of our living or sitting rooms.