Friday Faux Pas Title

Don’t Blow It!

Well... after last week’s painting disaster, I didn't think I could find anything worse as regards hand painted interiors, but... how wrong was I? Friday Faux Pas - Don't Blow It! This very basic attempt at a ‘landscape’ is only just recognisable as such. The sun is obviously identifiable as a sun  and the trailing vine just about discernible as stems and leaves, but - just in case you’re wondering what the brown mound on the right is supposed to be – it’s a volcano! At first glance, I wasn't sure if it was a very bad attempt at either a pyramid or a mole hill, but apparently no, it is a volcano. Unconvincing in both shape and detail, it doesn't look like it’s about to blow, rumble, erupt or even dribble, in any way shape or form what so ever! However, (here’s the positive bit) I have to admire the attempt to create an individual and artistic ‘mural’ (and I use the word in it’s loosest term!) in this child’s room and would encourage any parent to have a go at doing so, as there is nothing quite as nice as getting in touch with your creative side and wanting to express it as a gesture of love and commitment as well as style in your child’s room. BUT... if you’re not blessed with painterly skills, then have the ideas, but leave the painting well alone so that you don’t blow it! If you’re a little bit gifted in the artistic area, or if you have an eye for detail and can hold a brush steady then by all means have a go, but follow a few simple tips. Plan your design and colour scheme well ahead of painting day and give it careful thought and consideration. Test the colours you want to use in your scheme by using match pots and samples before you apply any volume to your walls. Sketch your design out with light, faint pencil lines and stand back to have a look at the scale and proportion before you commit to anything definite. If you’re not skilled enough to draw, but can trace and paint inside the lines, then there’s no shame in using found imagery and copying or tracing it to create your own outlines or stencils. The end result will be a lot more professional than winging it freehand in the long run. If you’re working in an empty room like this one, then consider where furniture and fittings are going to be positioned as there’ll be nothing worse than all your handy work being partially covered by a wardrobe or drilled through as a curtain pole goes up. And if you’re really not the practical and artistic type then there’s one of two things you can do. Get the professionals in to do it for you, which will obviously mean some financial investment or outlay or, if you can hold a roller steady, keep to plain painted walls and buy your images ‘off the peg.’ There is a myriad of children’s wall art, murals, stencils and decals available these days which, although they may be off the peg, can still add an individual and stylish touch to your little one’s rooms without too much of an individual cost. There’s everything from simple individual motifs to borders or complete scenes created on photo wallpaper, whatever your budget and personal taste will stretch to. You can pick them up from major DIY and decorating stores or from more dedicated and bespoke companies on-line. I found some recently that matched perfectly with half a dozen of our children’s bedding ranges, so I’ll leave you with a look at what it’s possible to achieve, even if you are a little artistically challenged; although I have to admit, I haven't come across any volcanoes....yet!

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