Friday Faux Pas Title

Terrys Fabrics have decided to start a light hearted look into the world of interior design and the errors that can go on as a result of this. To that end, we proudly introduce the Friday Faux Pas - A light hearted look into how not to decorate your home! All of the images you will see are readily available on the internet and found with a bit of rooting around to see how people choose to decorate their home. There are some truly questionable DIY disasters out there, from a toilet and shower combo, to this, our first interior design faux pas.

DIY Disaster

So why have we chosen this particular image? If you have to ask, then you may be missing the point. Regardless of your choice of design, a matching sofa and wallpaper combo is to be avoided at all costs. You want to be able to find your furniture in the room at all times, as a basic requirement. So what would we do differently? Simply break up the similarities. Either get rid of the wallpaper or the same pattern on the settee. Preferably, get rid of both! That being said, design and fashion is always a personal affair. If this look works for you, then you go for it! There will be more 'interior design gone wrong' next week with out next Friday Faux Pas

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