French fancy - get the french look in your home

French Fancy With this year’s Cannes Film Festival having just been around the corner there is much to admire and gaze upon in awe towards the south coast of England. With eyes set on France it is the perfect sight for inspiration and creativity to bloom and grow in the minds of those who have a passion for interiors. Influencing our ideas and bringing to light how we can maybe have our own piece of France and bring it a little closer to home. Therefore it is the ideal location to inspire some beautifully designed French home decoration and interiors. Cream and white French fancy bedroom

Source: HouseBeautiful

Whether you want to achieve a country, regal or modern French inspired look and essence within your humble abode, a touch of distinctive French style will surely add elegance and class to any part of your home be it the bedroom, bathroom or even the kitchen.

Soft pastel tones of taupe’s, greys or creams create a calm, restful yet elegant colour palette for any chambre ,complimented by the intricate detail of a damask or toile pattern fabric drapery, upholstered bedroom furniture or wallpaper is surely give the eye of the beholder much to seek and adore. Not to forget the antique filigree carved bed side table, chairs, bed and such accessories which add to the overall French inspired look within this bedroom setting.

Cream and white French country kitchen

Source: Inspiring Interiors

Moving onto the kitchen a place to wine and dine, it’s a part of your home that will for sure be a talking point when spending the odd evening entertaining guests. As we can see in this kitchen a rustic and distressed shabby chic theme runs throughout, yet the soft neutral tones of the furnishings do not in any way over shadow the finer details and character the room itself brings. To top it off the cut glass chandelier is sure to catch the eye when munching on early morning croissants at the kitchen dining table. French style four rooms in a collage

Source: Pinterest; Darlene Bowes, Theresa Hardy, Aspen Robinson & Pauline Yvonne West

Cream and white bathroom with beige damask wallpaper

Source: South Shore Decorating Blog

Finally the bathroom a place to relax and rejuvenate your energy after a long day of potentially decorating, it could happen after reading this blog article! As seen the in the French bedroom previous the damask brown wallpaper with regal candle lights, taupe tone sink unit and classic role top bath both scream and shouts elegance. But as it is sometimes the case it’s important not to overdo it, less is more. French style interior design

Source: BellaMUMMA

The journey of creating your own French inspired home is sure to be an exciting and rewarding venture, brimming with charm it will most definitely turn the heads of all who visit. Merci beaucoup for reading!

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