For the old romantics out there -Love Seats

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Posted

Back in the days when showing your ankles was risqué and being seen canoodling with the opposite sex was a full blown ‘put them in the stocks and flog ‘um’, type scandal, Love Seats were a welcomed solution for courting couples (that’s people dating for the younger readers out there). They were able to sit close enough together to carry out a private conversation, have a bit of a flirt and possibly – if nobody was looking - a cheeky peck, but without actually sharing such a confined space they would end up ‘shock horror’ touching bodies, therefore making them acceptable.

Although nowadays five guys and five girls, all in hot pants, could squash themselves onto one armchair without anyone batting an eyelid, the love seats still remains a popular choice.

They are basically small settees, and were originally designed for women who wore bustles, thus needing more bottom room than offered by your average chair. As time passed and fashions changed they were used for two people to carry out intimate rendezvous’ and a bit of “Tête-à-tête” as our romantic French friends would say.

Designers of the time thought “Ah ha!” and developed the style into two connected chairs, that faced opposite directions creating an S-shape. Our loved up couple could stare gooey eyed at one another while their bodies remained separated.

The S-shape style holds more of the romantic values and essence of the Love Seat and has been modernised and redesigned to suit the contemporary decors of today. The traditional, Victorian influenced ones add a sense of class and refined charm to your home. New designs, now in sleek chromes and leathers, suit modern interiors.

Placed on stylish Cheap Large Rugs they become the focal point of the room, a real conversation piece. A Jake Phipps design is a great example of how the piece has been developed and brought into the future- carved from the trunk of a cedar tree, ergonomically designed it looks more like a sculptor piece than a seat. The only drawback with this style is that it requires 360 degree access, therefore taking up more space.

For all the grandeur and glamour of the S-shape, it’s the small settee style that has boomed in popularity, for many reasons. This seat can be placed against walls therefore being a more practical choice for many people needing space saving solutions. Also, people these days don’t want to be separated from one another, they want to cuddle up on their chair made for two. The varieties are vast and varied, available in sensual velvets which are perfect snuggling spots for those newlyweds. Soft leather seats that rest on a metal frame would be a favourite of the style conscious couple. Or indeed the elegant, feminine design, complete with Queen Anne Legs for traditional style homes and couples that are content to sit and hold hands.

The designs change constantly to suit changing lifestyles; many Love Seats now come with attached tray tables that can be used for balancing a laptop on, or indeed Cheap Table Lamps, so you are able to read together. Designer Love Seats are available such as the circular design pictured. It has the feeling of a modern day nest where you can sink down with your partner in the stylish leather, read, watch the integrated TV or just lounge together.... you need not move for days!

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