Social media is here to stay – fact. However, some people take it far more seriously than others. Not only do they spend hours on social media sites, they also bring their love of Facebook and Twitter into their homes. Take a look at these amazing accessories and designs for inspirational ways to show your adoration of your favourite social media site.

Social Media Training

Tweet Seat – fabulous for outdoor tweeting – I bet the wild birds will love it too – the perfect perch!

Stogie Life

If you love Facebook then why not redecorate your living room with everything Facebook – the colours combos are really cool.

Icon Finder

Get yourself comfortable to start tweeting in this blue arm chair with a large Twitter cushion for back support.


Show your allegiance to social media platforms with this collection of cushions for your living room or bedroom.

Arkaiko 3D

Office chair designed by Johann Moises specifically for Facebook.


It’s an oldie, but we couldn’t leave the iconic Facebook bed out of this post!

Thumbs Up World 

Tweet mug with a hashtag handle is a ‘must have’ for any Twitter fan.

Gadgets In

Or a thumbs up for coffee, or any other beverage you like – there’s plenty of different Facebook inspired mugs available.

Vinyl Impression

Torn between Facebook and Twitter? Why not have both and swap sides of your desk when using each – alternatively allocate one side or the other to co-workers.

Furniture Fashion

Bluebirds sitting pretty in your home adds a beautiful tweet to your living space.


Wall decals on bang on-trend within the world of interior design so why not have a Facebook theme in your living room. Custom-made you can have whatever wording you like.

Trend Hunter

Thumbs-up hook can be a great reminder to hang your clothes or towels up!

Trend Hunter

Make a cup of tea with a Twettle and have a tweet!

Trend Hunter

Facebook thumbs-up even has your safety in mind with this practical oven glove.

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