Here at Terry’s we know the importance of a comfortable and stylish home. So, when we launched our competition last month to find the UK’s most disgusting student room, we weren’t quite prepared for the state of so many student living areas!student-2   To enter, or to see the range of messy entries, click here. Beware, there are floors absolutely covered in papers, clothes, food, and in one case, a sleeping student! I hope they’re not still there! student-1 The winner will receive a whopping £500 and a bottle of Febreze to keep their room smelling divine. The money might best be spent on a cleaner! student-3 If you’re a student struggling to make your room more home-like, or just plain liveable in, you might be interested in this guide we’ve put together where you can read more about easy ways to make your student room more stylish.

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