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Festive interior design decoration ideas 7: scandinavian style

Today we head off to Scandinavia and take inspiration from our neighbours who are so clever at decorating their homes using a minimalistic approach to create stunning interiors. As we know white is the base colour for most Scandinavian rooms and what better colour to work with as it gives you a blank canvass on which you can add your own personal details and design flair.

For this festive look you'll see that nature and natural materials are heavily focused on. Take inspiration from silver birch tree bark, the shapes of pine cones, along with the creature comforts of large rugs made from real or faux animal skins. As this style calls for a minimalistic approach you don't have to go overboard on glizt to achieve glamour. Use a variety of different textures on your soft furnishings to add further interest to the room.

Use sawn tree trunk pieces as coffee tables and place soft glowing tea lights or white candles on surface to bring a magical touch to the room during the evening. Your decorations should also be white or natural. Clear glass baubles and white frosted pine cones can be used to fill plain white or pale coloured wooden bowls. If you have a tree it really should be real rather than artificial. It doesn't have to large to provide a festive look, small is sometimes better and offers a rather chic way to add festive cheer to a room.

Look for little trees which are in pots and decorate with a few carefully chosen pieces. If you want an unusual and contemporary look three varying sized table top trees made from white feathers are the ideal choice. Alternatively carefully carved trees can be created from a piece of soft wood – exacting craft knife work is required to flick the slimmest of sections up to form the branches, so unless you up for a challenge it may be worth buying these rather than making them yourself!

If you think all white is a little sterile and clinical looking add one accent colour in small amounts such as red cushions or teal curtains to lift the room. Don't forget as these will call out to be looked at they need to have a feature about them. For example the red cushions could be made from gorgeous soft touch velvet and the teal curtains from luxury crushed organza which will shimmer softly as the light moves across it. Above all don't allow an accent colour to detract from the overall theme otherwise you may just as well adopt another interior design style!

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