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Festive interior design decoration ideas 6: inspired by nature

In this post we're going to take a look at festive interior design decorations inspired by nature – not an artificial tree, tinsel or bauble in sight! This style of decoration is perfect for those of you who want to opt out of the commercial side of the festive season, but still want to add seasonal cheer to your home.

Foraging has become increasingly popular and with the downturn in the economy looking as if its going to last many people are finding alternative ways to celebrate Christmas without all the razzmatazz and glitz of commercially constructed Christmases.

This doesn't mean that you're a kill joy, it simply means that you and your lifestyle look for other aspects of the festive season. Being inspired by nature does of course mean that you'll be focusing your attentions on evergreens, pine cones, wood and other natural materials to adorn your home.

Garlands made from evergreens are the height of style in both traditional and contemporary styled interiors. These are relatively easy to make yourself or you could help to boost your locally economy by buying from handicraft stalls at Christmas fairs. If you have wooden blinds you can dress these up with your own hand-made wreaths and hang garlands from metal curtain rails. Curtain poles are also ideal for hanging wreaths and garlands from. Use varying lengths of green, red or white ribbon to create a stunning window display.

Use lots of candles to create a natural twinkly look at night – storm jars or tin containers are ideal for holding tea-lights or large candles. Keep the colours natural by using greens, browns and creams. Highlight and coordinate red berries by adding red cushions or a plaid throw onto your sofa or easy chairs. If you want a tree then it has to be real, however it doesn't have to swamp the room and should only be decorated with tiny plain white fairy lights, otherwise you'll spoil the whole natural look.

Use winter flowering pot plants such as cream hyacinths for a natural air freshener or red poinsettias to coordinate with your cushions and throws. This stunning festive and seasonal style of decoration will see you right through Christmas, the New Year and well into 2012 and still look superb – if twigs and branches begin to wilt it will be a good excuse to go on a nature ramble to see what else you can forage to perk-up your festive decorations.

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