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Festive interior design decoration ideas 5: no tree!

You don't have to have a tree in your living room to get the festive look. This year if you're concerned about tree conservation, simply hate the idea of picking up pine needles which have embedded themselves into your carpet or simply don't have the space for a tree there are some wonderful ways to decorate your living room without a tree in sight! If you have a red and cream living room you're have way to having a festive room – all you need to do is fill pretty bowls full of baubles or even fairy style lights and use candles to create a very warm and stylish festive theme.

Decorate your mantle piece with garlands made from fresh evergreen sprigs, pine cones and red ribbons. You can also add candles or Christmas themed candelabra either end to enhance the look as the candle light reflects from an over mantle mirror. Use an abundance of ruby red cushions in soft touch fabrics such as crushed velvet, silks and velours, to give the room a homely and cosy warmth. If you have cream or red blackout curtains you may like to consider adding a thermal lining with they don't already have this incorporated with the blackout properties.

A thermal lining or thermal blinds will help to keep you toasty warm throughout the festive season and through the winter. Either of these thermal window dressing options can also help you to save money on your heating bills. Large rugs placed in front of open fires or wood burners will also add to the homely atmosphere. Use candles as soft and ambient lighting for the evenings, these, along with an open fire will add a magical touch to your living room.

This simplistic yet stylish way to decorate your home is ideal for those who don't want to be stereotyped as a 'Scrooge' but don't need all the paraphernalia and over the top decorations that may be required if children and within the household. This style is gentle, soothing and incredibly chic. It can also be an effective way to save money this year – with a little touch of nostalgia of Christmases in by-gone eras when people simply didn't have the money to splash out extravagantly on mass produced tinsel and sparkly decorations.

Ask yourself is it really necessary to make your Christmas special by adorning everything and every room – if the answer's 'no' then this may be the festive decorations to suit you and your lifestyle.

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