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Festive interior design decoration ideas 4: regal refinement

Once again we're going to move away from traditional festive colour combinations and look at the regal refinement purple and gold offers. The great advantage of these colours is that they suit all interior design styles perfectly. An opulent gold coloured artificial tree takes centre stage and the colour alone screams style! However, add pops of purple and pinks and you having winning colour combinations.

You may not want to go the whole hog and hang snowflake wall paper, but you can still get the look if you stick with some basic design principles. This showy and glitzy festive look is about getting the right balance, too much and it can easily look trashy and cheap, too little and it will resemble a poor attempt on creating style. If you have wooden flooring placing large rugs in-front of seating is not only stylish it will also help to bring warmth to the look and feel of the room. Buy rugs direct and you'll find they are available in all shapes, sizes and colours to suit your interior during the festive season and beyond.

Be sure to keep to using only the two main colours, you can deviate a little as long as the shades and tones are purple or gold. Pinks can also be added in small subtle touches to harmonise with the purple. Modern decorations come in all shapes and styles so it will be easy to select triangular shaped glittery tree shapes or fill bowls full of baubles which can be used as stand-alone decorations. Try not to put too many baubles on the tree as this can easily lose the regal styling you're trying to achieve.

Piling beautifully wrapped presents under the tree remains a tradition irrespective of your festive theme, just as long as the gifts have purple and gold wrapping! Bring out the white of the wallpaper base colour with your soft furnishings. Cushions and throws is golds, whites and purples will enhance the look and add further interest and texture to the room if you opt for luxury fabrics such as velvet, silk and organzas.

Coordinate curtain colours as well to bring harmony to the room. This style is definitely for those who abide by the 'less is more' philosophy of interior design.

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