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Festive interior design decoration ideas 2: contemporary

The great advantage of going contemporary is that you can break all the traditional aspects and create a stunning festive interior which suits you and the style of your home. Icy blue or teal combined with silvery white make superb colour combinations for contemporary and modern interiors. This style of festive decoration also means that you don't have to change the colour scheme of your room in any way.

For example if you have full length teal curtains hung from white curtain poles then you can use these colours as the base for your festive colour scheme. White artificial trees decorated with snow enhances the white elements in your room, stick to using one colour for the tree's ornamentation – in this example teal blues. As you'll already have large rugs in white bring the teal into play by placing teal coloured cushions on the floor and of course make sure all the gifts under the tree and wrapped with white or teal paper and contrasting ribbons.

Bring a variety of different textures into the room by using cushions covers made from a variety of fabrics, such as crushed velvet, silk and cottons. Try and use cushion covers which are soft to the touch to bring a natural warmth to the room. These contemporary colour combinations don't have feel or look cold and icy, particularly if you stick to the 'less is more' attitude and don't compromise on style by overcrowding the tree or room, for the sake of chic style keep things simple and in proportion. Use what you have and you'll also find your decorations will be more cost-effective.

For example hang decorations from your curtain poles or tracks, jazz up you voiles or curtains with stylish hold-backs. Teal and white aren't the only choices in contemporary colours – use your existing décor as inspiration, after all you chose the colour because you love them so try not to deviate and you'll find you have a festive room which really suits your individualism and personality. Christmas definitely doesn't have to be green and red – think outside of the box and conjure up a fabulous festive room this year to wow your family and friends. Don't forget that too much of a good thing can work against you, so it may be worth considering have a different festive colour scheme in each room.

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