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Festive dining table ideas 7: elegance and refinement

Elegance and refinement can be yours, this holiday season, with a few changes to your contemporary-styled dining room. If you have neutral colours of beige and brown, you have a great start. Kick up some boldness, without redecorating, and have the time of your life.

Bright, Bold and Beautiful

Select a base colour and see where the magic takes you. Blue, green, red, yellow or black, can dramatise your neutral shades into sophisticated charm by focusing on the dining room table surface. Think of the different shades produced by any one of these primary colours and visualize the possibilities. For instance, if red is your selection, focus on the surrounding colours produced by this vibrant colour. Burgundy, maroon, rose and pink, are sensuous shades to play across a flat, neutral surface.

Lay the Base

To give depth and contrast, use table cloths that will lay the base for presenting a little holiday cheer. A clean white linen cloth, with no design or fanfare, will allow your newborn colours to stand up and sing. If table runners are used, keep with the neutral tone of the room for blend, but not for attraction. Now that the stage has been set, create some modern colour and form.

Burgundy and Wine

The dark, rich colours of burgundy and wine will catch the eye of visitors, immediately, so make them tantalising. Long-stemmed, burgundy-shaded glasses, that act as anchors, reaching to the sky, will begin your creative juices flowing. A low, elegantly designed centrepiece, brandishing evergreen and white winter roses, together with wine-coloured taper candles set in clear crystal holders, will bring a feeling of elegant pleasure. Add white china, then stand back and take a look. While the elegance is there, your may feel your masterpiece is missing something.

Follow your Senses

Continue down the colour scheme and stop at blue. Deep royal blue is a perfect way to send a sense of refinement to your display. Add royal blue napkins to place settings, drip brightly coloured blue bulbs from the back of chairs, and feel the energy rise up. Finish with a few accents of pink and gold and let the party begin. By blending rich refined colours on a backdrop of neutral, elegance and refinement are delivered. Select different bold and beautiful colours to have a Christmas lunch, formal dinner, or New Year's Eve celebration. Bring out the champagne and appetizers and let the party begin!

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