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Festive dining table ideas 3: mulled wine

There is something special about the smell of a good Red Merlot, mixed with cinnamon sticks, cloves, and other tantalising seasoning. Served hot, the season's festivities become frivolous and merry, with good friends and family at your side. Take it a step further this year, by complimenting your entertainment area and dinner table with colours that celebrate the holiday, using a lustrous mulled wine tone.

A Colour Scheme for Wine

Wine is not as difficult to match with compatible colours as you might think. In fact, many Chinese New Year celebrations combine wine, orange, baby blue, raspberry and white for a whirlwind of parties and excitement. Deep pink and grey are other corresponding colours to use in your own colour scheme to offset the deep reds of mulled wine. Burgundy and wine are rich and bring a sophisticated look to a dinner ensemble, or use in a cosy, romantic, candle light evening.

Decorate with Chilled Mulled Wine

Mulled wine does not have to be served warm. Serving as a cocktail with holiday appetizers is a great way to present your festive reds at a table. Long stem wine glasses, filled 2/3 with chilled mulled wine, will call for guests to be seated and relax. Your table can outline the occasion with table cloths of fine linen in light solid colours or table runners, mounted with large crystal vases of freshly cut, red poinsettias. Add a few candy corn (orange, yellow and white), small pillared candles in glass holders and your reds will be dramatized. Don't be surprised if a toast or two is the result from the fruitful, easy-going atmosphere that is created.

Red Earth Values that Sooth

Red is a basic colour derived from the fruits of the earth. If you want to expand on the natural appeal of the colour, simply look to an artist palette of red earth values. Here you will find everything from pink and dusty rose to burgundy, orange and brown. Expanding with this range of colours can bring a sophisticated look to your table. Always offset your values with a neutral colour that acts as a starting block for your tasteful design. Red does not have to be a challenging colour when used in conjunction or contrast. If you have mulled wine on your holiday menu, think of the possibilities of blending your seasonal attitude into this tasteful event. Used as the main attraction, your guests will savour at the thought of good wine, good cheer and good friends.

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