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Festive dining table ideas 2: scandi magic

Are you looking for a shift from the routine of British design? Try a Scandinavian approach to your home this holiday season, using the simple and functional decorating ideas of Denmark, Sweden and Norway. The contemporary and aesthetic concept will provide a much needed change, plus lead you to enjoyment of the basic pleasures of Christmas.

Clutter Free and Meditation Bound:

Too many choices today, make any type of shopping trip more stressful than pleasing. An overtaxed brain can find annoyance in the simplest decisions; small or large, cream or milk, toasted or not toasted. By the time you return home, you can be ready for a rubber room. Scandinavian décor is known for simple solutions, open spaces and tons of room for enjoying the solitude of clutter-free thoughts. If this sounds like the perfect way to spend your holiday season, do it.

Un-complicate your Space:

Start with the room where you find the most pleasure after a hard day at work and think of Christmas past. Remember a simpler era that allowed your mind to wander and create, then look around you. You probably see something for every type of activity you choose to embark upon. Magazines, CDs, remote controls, small knick-knacks, and advertisements for more stuff to buy. Clear it all away and start with a blank page.

Basic Colour and Design:

Choose a colour for your holiday season and use this, along with a second, neutral colour, to set to work on your room. A table and chairs can benefit from table runners that are pleasing, yet simple. A solid colour with lace, or edges dotted with snowflakes or reindeer can be uncomplicated, yet beautiful. Or select table cloths that are cotton, neatly pressed and are plain or lightly designed. Candles in holders made of ceramic, wood, or metal portray natural goodness, and keeps the mind free to roam.

A small, fresh Christmas tree that has an assortment of handmade or primitive, colourful hanging decorations, will make each one more appreciated than an artificial tree stuffed with lights, bows, bulbs and garlands. When your favourite room is turned into a free, open holiday wonderland of Scandi Magic, the pressures of life become minimized and you find yourself enjoying the season, reaching out to others, and more at peace with yourself. Making a yearly tradition of basic holiday decorating and spending time with family and friends, can become more meaningful when the simple meaning of Christmas is allowed to flow freely.

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