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Festive dining in style with colour co-ordinated winter white

Creating a Christmas wonderland using Winter White is one of easiest colour choices, it oozes chic style and is a great way to get out your finest cut crystal glasses, white table linen and white place settings all brought together using frost and snow as the basis for the theme. To get the look perfect you'll need an eye for detail and you'll also have to make sure that your glasses, crockery and cutlery are sparkling clean and smudge free so that the beauty of their reflective surfaces twinkle and sparkle their way across your diner table.

First things first and you'll need a crisp white table cloth, having red wine or gravy stains will ruin the look, there's plenty of plain or subtly patterned white table linen available and of course after the 'big day' they'll be able to be used throughout the year. A white table runner will add a modern touch and if you go for white on white or add a neutral tone in a contrasting fabric you'll add texture and depth to the end result. For a more contemporary look placemats and coasters with a white background and a trendy print can also look chic and are a great way to help protect your table's surface from marks caused by hot serving dishes or ring marks from wine glasses.

Plain white candles are a great way to get the reflective surfaces shimmering and shining. Winter White has a more adult look about it so in this instance candles could be used – just remember that if they're too high you may have trouble passes dishes – tea lights are a great alternative and can be placed in pretty glass holders and dotted around the table. As this is style and colour scheme is geared for adults linen napkins can be placed into a sparkly holder to help achieve the look.

White or clear glass baubles can also be used to create a simple yet elegant centrepiece by piling them into a cut crystal bowl, or simply fill a bowl full of twinkling lights (the type run from a battery otherwise you'll have an electrical wire draped onto the table). If you want to go for a more natural look spray tiny pine cones white and then dip them into silver glitter so that they sparkle.

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