Feng Shui Interior Design Tips 7: Dining Rooms

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Updated

Dining rooms are often thought of as a thing of the past but when you have a space where meals can be served and family conversation is encouraged, appetite and digestion just seem to be better. If you have a dining room that has been converted into another type of space, consider bringing back the family gathering at mealtime with a few touches of Feng shui.

A Feng shui dining room is considered to be the 'yin' or receiving type of energy flow as opposed as the ‘yang', or acting. Mellow earth tones such as light coffees, gold, taupe or yellows are perfect when toned down to a soft version. Pastels and cream colours can also be used. The table is the main attraction and sharp edges should be avoided.

Try to stay with rounded corners that better promote conversation. If you are stuck with a table with sharp corners, cover with a tablecloth during the meal, make this yourself by choosing natural cotton curtain fabrics online and also make cheap Roman blinds or pencil pleat curtains in the same or coordinated fabric for windows. Mirrors may be beneficial for other rooms in the home but not necessary in the dining room.

The type of chi while dining is to be low-key and mirrors will stir up the energy. If you have a large mirror and do not want to remove, simply block by setting a tall vase of flowers or cat-tail in front of it if a sideboard sits below. For those that like the presence of a mirror, make sure it reflects a scene of beauty such as an opposite window or attractive print on the wall. The dining room chairs all need to be the same in size.

Feng shui is all about balance and using larger chairs at both ends will interrupt the yin plus make guest feel small. A dining room may have two doors, one on each end of the room that lead to other areas of the house. This is good for good energy flow but if the doors are placed exactly the same distance from one another, the energy can enter and exit swiftly.

To avoid losing your circulation of chi, hang a crystal chandelier or faceted crystal ball over the dining room table. The dining room was always a place where families were bonded with discussion of the day's events and sharing special thoughts. In moving back toward this way of life can make mealtime a special time of the day to look forward to. Leave your cell phones and iPods at the door and just relax, sharing food and friendship as the dining room was intended.

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