Feng Shui Interior Design Tips 6: Living Rooms

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Updated

To bring out the best interior design for a Feng shui living room, keep it semi-formal and welcoming to everyone that enters. Keep the earth on your mind when selecting your backdrop of colours. Simple warm greens, blues or beige will allow the furnishings to add their own flair. The best space for living rooms are large and high where energy has free reign without running into objects.

If you have a small room, work around the space by not letting objects such as bookcases or cabinets reach close to the ceiling. Good ventilation and excellent lighting are two of the most important factors that go into a Feng shui living room. Use windows to bring in natural sunlight, cheap Roman blinds add a welcoming and homely feel while pencil pleat curtains will help energy to flow, but add lighting to dark corners and long walls to balance out the effect. Healthy plants are also a way to attract good chi that filters the air naturally.

Take care of any house plants that you choose to use in your living room. Wilted or dying plants suck the life from a space. A large area rug on wood floors is better than wall-to-wall carpeting that has chemicals that can leach into a room. Feng shui is all about nature and the more natural items exposed, the better. Proportionate seating is more important than the style you choose. Group your furniture in a circle that attracts gatherings and conversation.

Keep all electronic equipment out of the circle that can rob your chi of basic energy. A gathering of friends can be a delightful time with a cosy couch or love-seat and a couple of matching chairs. Select simple plain colours or striped curtain fabrics online but stay away from bold shiny fabrics and large loud flowered material. It is in good taste to place a welcomed guest facing the door. If you have a boisterous individual that commands attention, seat them with their back to the door and their dominance will calm right down.

If your windows face the front door, keep your couch out of this line of qi. Use wicker baskets or wood pieces to decorate any space but remember to keep all clutter cleared. Magazines, newspapers and small objects seem to multiply and can attract the perfect chi energy that you are trying to capture. Keep your living room clean and healthy and by following a few rules of Feng shui, your living room will be the perfect room for family and friends.

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