Feng Shui Interior Design Tips 5: For Kitchens

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Updated

The kitchen is an essential part of the home and where this room is located can bring content, a good source of energy or just the opposite. Consider where you kitchen is located. When you look out the window, which direction are you facing? Many conclusions can be drawn from where the kitchen is located in your home and what type of energy is reflected. If you look at homes closely, you will find very few that have kitchen windows facing the north.

There is a reason for this. Most homes face the north with living space full of energy. If you happen to have a home where the kitchen shares the front of the house, chances are there is a problem with too much eating in your home. Overeating causes low motivation and low self-esteem. But when your entire house smells like food because of the location of the kitchen, it is difficult to leave food alone. If you are home hunting, steer clear of a house with a kitchen toward the front or north!

The south and east are the most perfect choices for placing a kitchen and windows. These directions represent light and wind for a good flowing aura that delivers a balanced chi. Use blinds ready made or kitchen blinds which are pulled to the top of the window during the day to flood the kitchen with warm natural light. Placement of the oven is an important factor in a Feng shui kitchen. Because fire is the opposite of water, the two should never be side by side. Isn't that unusual?

When you look at most homes, notice that the sink is usually across the kitchen from the oven. This creates a balanced space of these two energies. Other rules of creating a Feng shui kitchen include not leaving objects sitting on the floor. Cans of pop, sacks for recyclables or any significant item is considered clutter and needs to be put away to prevent the blockage of energy. In addition to being a Feng shui no-no, it is also a safety hazard.

Drying dishcloths and towels on counters or across stoves is also considered an insult to "the God of oven" as it is called in the ritual of Feng shui. Take your damp items to the utility room to dry out. A Feng shui kitchen should be dressed in natural, organic materials wherever possible. Wood, metal, earth, fire and water are the five phases of Qi that hold the essentials of human life.

Neutral or earth tones are great for the walls and wood cabinets coordinated with wooden blinds create a warm and loving habitat for visitors. Perhaps this is why everyone seems to gather around the kitchen table instead of heading toward the living room.

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